How To Play Letterpress

The objective of Letterpress is to takeover more letters on the board than your opponent. Letterpress is a 2-player mobile app that is simple in design and concept, yet highly addictive.  Each player has a different color and a 25 tile grid (5×5).  The challenging player starts the match by playing a word.  Unlike Words With Friends, these tiles do not have to be connected.  You simply play whatever word you can find.

Once you’ve played your word, the letters change to your color.  Your opponent will then take their turn and can play letters that you already have played.  After every one of the 25 letters has been used in some form or fashion, the game ends.  The person who has the most colored tiles is declared the winner.

There is also one defensive move that can be played.  If a player is able to spell a word using a letter and the subsequent letters that surround it, that main letter will turn to a darker shade of your color.  The darker color signifies that the letter can not be stolen for the rest of the match.

Be sure to go to your Game Center and look for people you know on the “Recommendations” feature.  Once they accept, challenge them to a game of Letterpress and you will both be hooked.