Download Letterpress App

Letterpress is now available for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch).  This game is popular because of its simplicity, clean modular design and easy user interface.  There aren’t other mobile apps in the marketplace that look quite like Letterpress.  Click on the link or image to download Letterpress from the iTunes App Store.

Once you have successfully downloaded the game, visit your Game Center and check out their recommendations.  See if there happens to be anyone you know on their list.  If there is, send a request to them to play Letterpress.  While you are waiting for responses, you can challenge random opponents.

Letterpress FREE will only let you play 2 games simultaneously.  If you would like to have multiple games going, as well as a variety of color themes, there is an in-app purchase upgrade to Letterpress PREMIUM for $0.99

Download Letterpress – Word Game